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About Us

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, fitness enthusiasts faced unprecedented challenges as gyms closed down. To make matters worse, the available equipment on the market was either too fragile or too expensive. At Baadass, we knew we could do better. That's why we set out to create the durable, high-quality weights and dumbbells. We wanted to make equipment that could withstand the toughest workouts, without sacrificing the gym-like feel that fitness enthusiasts crave. We poured our hearts into developing products that would deliver on our promise of extreme strength and durability, along with safety features. Today, we are proud to say that our Baadass weights and dumbbells are designed to last, making them the perfect solution for any home gym. With Baadass, you can lift with confidence, knowing that our gear is built to take a beating and keep going.

High-quality Baadass dumbbell withstanding a gun test for maximum durability
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